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The Crucible

What lies behind John Proctor is his adultery with Abigail, the biggest shame of his life. His faithless act is a shortcoming for him and proves to have consequences. What lies before him is the immense challenge of stopping the witch trials and revealing Abigail's true motive. What lies within him is a strong sense of right and wrong and belief that injustice should not be allowed to continue. These traits allow him to admit his past sin and die a good man, refusing to give in.

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The Village

What lies behind Ivy is the challenges she faces with her blindness and the lies of the village. She must protect herself but at the same time protect the secret of the village and her father. What lies before her is a journey that will test her strength and give her an opportunity to find the truth. It is the strength inside of Ivy that allows the community to overcome the oppression it faces and the power within Ivy allows her to face her fears and concur them.

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Secret Life of Bees

What lies behind Lily is her mother’s death and the pain it brought to Lily and her father. Her realization that she must escape the pain of her home and find closer leads her to the Boatwright house. What lies before her is a journey to finding the parts of her life she felt were missing, finding closer and the story of her mother, and finding a new family and community. What lies Within Lily is a power and determination that helps lead her to the independence and community she longs for. She accomplished finding her way into a new life by embracing the things she believed in and finding the power in herself she had forgotten.

Gothic stories
In the gothic story William Wilson, William is controlled by the inner being within him.
In A Rose For Emily, Emily is unable to find in herself peace and is constantly conflicted with the body of her once beloved still in her room. After her death, she is released from the pain of her past.

Self Reliance
Ralph Waldo Emerson talks about self-reliance and how one should always be an individual and a "nonconformist." This relates to my personal philosophy statement because the most important thing in life is to find yourself, as our past and our future are of the smallest importance as compared to what lies within.

Chris McCandless
What lies behind Chris McCandless is life without purpose. He was unhappy about his past and his future and felt compelled to go on a journey to find his inner self and the true happiness he was searching for. He leaves behind his family and everything he has ever known to go in to the wild searching for greater meaning and happiness that lies within.

"If the stars should appear but one night every thousand years how man would marvel and stare"-Emerson
Certain oprotunities only come to us once in a life time. Others, howerver, appear so often we fail to take advantage of them. When we focuse on the things that lie within us, we realize that we are capible of taking advantage of all these oportunities, becoming truly happy, and reaching for the stars!